Writers Circle

Each Tuesday I facilitate a writing group at the KSP Writers’ Centre in Greenmount, WA. The group runs for two hours from 10am to 12noon and consists of two parts.

The first hour of the session is discussing and exploring a different writing topic such as characterisation, creating story arcs, plotting, showing not telling etc…group members are then tasked with writing for 20 minutes using writing prompts to create something out of nothing. The words created in those twenty minutes can often form the start of a new idea, a new short story or something bigger.

In the second hour, we invite group members to bring along their works in progress and offer peer reviewing and feedback. We limit these readings to 1000 words max, allowing time to for a few members to get a turn.

For people working full time or unable to attend a daytime writing group, I am opening up this page for friends and aspiring writers who would ideally love to attend a group, but are unable to, due to other commitments.

Each Tuesday, I will do an online version of what was discussed in the group session and set a writing exercise for those that wish to give it a go. NB: Unfortunately I will not be able to offer feedback on everybody’s work, but I’m happy to answer simple questions relating to the topic discussed that week.

I hope you will join us in the Virtual Tuesday Writers Circle and maybe one day, if you are free, come and join us in person at the KSP Writers Centre.

Writers’ Circle
Group Facilitator