About Me

Like most writers I know, I have always loved to write. Although calling myself a writer often feels a little fraudulent, since to date, I have no bestseller sitting on the shelves of any bookstores, nor am I being invited to speak at the latest readers and writers festivals. But I know if I work hard and cast my wishes out to the universe it will happen one day.

BUT, I do write everyday.

I am currently working on my first full-length novel, although constantly distracted with ideas for the next one.  I have two short romance stories published in group anthologies with Wild Weeds Press (the publishing arm of the KSP Writers Centre) and with a bit of luck my first externally published short story will be out later this year. Fingers crossed.

Being the Chairwoman of the KSP Writers’ Centre, I am invested in the industry and it affords me great opportunities to meet a whole gambit of literary folk. From aspiring writers to accomplished authors, and I find inspiration in them all.

As a younger girl, I loved three things; performing, writing and Stevie Nicks. (Oh and a boy called Marty Dennis! Oh yes, that will find its way into story!) I loved nothing more than creating magazines for friends and writing everything from feature stories, gossip columns, the weather report and the horoscopes.

Hidden away in boxes and drawers around my house, are the evidence of half written memoirs, plays, diaries, ideas for stories, and poems and songs that I wrote for loves, long forgotten.

Beyond the love of the written word, I also feel a deep-rooted need in me to capture the moments in my life, to record the histories that shaped me, to open up the conversations, to explain how it all came to pass. Without words, I would be completely empty. I have lived too wonderful a life not to write about it.

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