WRITING PROMPTS: Politics and Superheros

At this weeks Writers’ Circle we drew inspiration from the recent federal election that had us all heading to the polling booths last Saturday.

Here are the two writing prompts Tuesday’s group were given and ask to choose one to write about.

  • If you could choose the next Prime Minister of Australia, who would you choose and why?


  • A super villain and a superhero are siblings. Each Sunday they go home to Mum’s house for dinner.

Choose one of these themes and see what you can come up with in 20 minutes.

This is what I came up with…

If I Could Choose the Prime Minister
– by Tabetha Rogers Beggs

Who would be Prime Minister
if it could be anyone I choose?
Who’d be the voice of the people?
Talking sense, not platitudes
Is there someone out their big enough
to cast away our doubts,
To give us more than jobs and grow
when there’s more we care about.
Yes! Those things are important
like building roads and towns
But I can’t help think what you really want
Is to dumb the population down.
All your egos and political factions
Mean nothing to the trees
Nothing to the rivers
Nothing to the breeze.
Your party may have won this time
By a marginal skin of the teeth
The power is yours, divvy up the funds
To whom will you bequeath?
Who would be Prime Minister?
If it could be anyone I please?
I scratch my head and am at a loss
I guess anyone, but me.




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