La Soiree, La Spectacular


A ‘Sin’-tillating Soiree

La Soiree shook the foundations of Perth when it arrived at last year’s Fringe Festival and soon shimmied it way to become the star event of the season, and for good reason.

Perth audiences had never seen anything quite like this before. It’s Cirque de Soliel on speed, Ashton Circus for adults, Pride meets vauderville, pole-dancing meets cabaret. Quite frankly, it is mind blowing and it’s back, direct from London for another sexy, shocking and simply sensational season here in Perth.

The two-hour show, in the grand La Soiree speigeltent, opens with a fanfare as Brett Haylock, (creative producer of La Soiree) welcomes everyone to the show with ringmaster pizzazz.


What follows is a series of acts, starting with the fabulous, Miss Frisky (who can also be seen in her show with partner Mannish during Fringe) singing up a storm and priming the audience for what’s to come.

Funny man Mario, Queen of the Circus immediately wins the hearts of the ringside punters with his inappropriate, yet hilarious banter, skilful juggling and insatiable love of Freddy Mercury. A word to the wise, audience participation may be requested. In order to avoid this, the best advise is to appear incredibly willing, to ensure the person next to you, would looks completely terrified is sure to be the chosen one.

Returning with the La Soiree family in 2016 are the English Gents, with their pompous Brit style and their ripped six-pack torsos. Whether you’ve seen these guys before or not, their act of strength and balance is nothing short of jaw-dropping and worthy of watching over and over again. It’s weight-lifting with aplomb.

Captain Frodo at the Fringe World Festival Launch 2016
Captain Frodo at the Fringe World Festival Launch 2016

Fringe favourite Captain Frodo, also special guest act at the Fringe 2016 launch party, returns with his rubbery repertoire of contortions. Described as the Guinness World Record-breaking wunderkind, I defy anyone not to fall a little in love with this kooky Norwegian comedian. Simply, wow!

Other acts include Mooky, the sweetest sweetheart you ever did meet and again, don’t look down when she comes a-looking for a suitor. Mooky, has taken the simplest of comic concepts and worked it into an act that endears her to audiences. She’s cute and queer and a sure-fire hit.

Yammel Rodriguez
Yammel Rodriguez sensual acrobatics

Satya Bella is new to the mix this year and what she can’t do with a hula hoop, is clearly not worth imagining. Yammel Rodriguez and Brett Pfister add their gravity-defying acrobatics, with sensual skill, raising the temperatures in the tent to erotic highs.

La Soiree is the variety show that hitched a ride in the Delorian and arrived in the 21st  century. Its bold, its brassy, hell… it’s ballsy.

Don’t miss this show.

La Soiree Event Details

Tickets: From $35
Dates: Ends 6th March, 2016

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