FRINGE REVIEW: Comedians Against Humanity


Leave your morals at the door and prepare to L.O.L

Comedians Against Humanity 2Comedians Against Humanity (CAH) is out of the box and on a fast train to ‘wrong town’. Jump on board, but pack light, no political politeness, social conscience or pimped up principles are required here, the only thing you need for this trip is an open mind and a wicked (in all applications of the word) sense of humour.

Hosted by local funny guy Yianni Agisilaou, this improv show based on the smash hit word game Cards Against Humanity, tests the comedic talents of a mix of Fringe comedians from around the globe as they attempt to flick your funny bone without the safety net of a rehearsed script.

The success of each performance highly depends on the versatility and virtuosity of the comedians participating on the night. The challenge for host Yianni is knowing when to round them up or reign them in before things get awkward. The ad-lib script guided only by random words chosen from the white pack of cards, has an ‘anything goes’ licence that keeps each show as surprising as the next.

So how does it work?

Upon entry to the venue, you’ll be asked to select three CAH cards from the tub. These will be your words for shouting out when prompted. Yianni introduces a fresh line up of comedians and proceeds to put them through their paces as he sets up scenarios such as a press conference or a sales pitching session, and using the words from the audience, he sets the theme for artists to base their performance. It doesn’t take long for the show to swerve severely off course with hysterical results.

With phrases and words best left out of this article, (nobody likes a ‘spoiler’ or being embroiled in a legal suit) the performance has audience members gasping at themselves, as their moral high-ground sinks deeper than the Mariana trench and everything society considers taboo becomes open slather.

Comedians Against Humanity

The popular word game became a household hit in 2011 with the marketing slogan ‘the party game for horrible people’. With a tagline like that, who could resist buying it, to keep Trivial Pursuit and Balderdash company in the boardgame cupboard.

So if Cards Against Humanity is for horrible people, then Comedians Against Humanitymust be for horrible people who like to get out of the house. Rest assured, be out, be proud, be horrible, nobody is judging you in this space, laugh away.

It’s wrong, its awkward, its whatever the total opposite of PC is, but goddamn it, it’s outrageously funny.

And the most beautiful thing about all the wrongness, you can go back time and time again and see a completely different bag of gags every night. You can be horrible over and over again, in the nicest possible way!

Comedians Against Humanity is on at the Skye Bar in Aberdeen Street until Feb 20. Be quick this is selling fast. Book now.

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